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DeAnn Davis

The Lindbergh art program strives to enrich the lives and educational experiences of our students. Grades pre-K - 6th are introduced to the elements and principles of art as well as art and artists of different historical periods and cultures. Students learn to evaluate their work and the work of others.  They experience teamwork and problem solving.  Every art lesson is related to history, science, math, social studies or other core classes.  Students express ideas in original works of art in various mediums. 

Ryan Sharpe

Here at Lindbergh, students receive opportunities to sing, play various instruments ranging from drums, to xylophones, recorders, to ukuleles. Our 6th graders sing in the Veteran's Day program, and each spring students of all ages may participate in the Talent Show. Last year we had a ton of kids participate, from pre-K up to 6th! 

3rd and 4th grade students get to participate in the Link-Up program where they get to take a field trip to the Tulsa PAC each year to play recorders, and sing the songs that we learned alongside the Tulsa Symphony Orchestra. It also helps them learn about various famous music, composers, and cultures, as well as the history behind the music. 

So students get opportunities to learn new things, become a musician, and perform what they learn!