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Students learn about space and design lunar landers at Lindbergh Elementary

Fifth grade students in Mrs. Wills' class began to learn about systems in space, which focuses on gravity and the sun.

To kick off the topic, students were asked to design a lunar lander from kits donated by the Tulsa Regional Stem Alliance. Their mission was to safely land the plastic astronaut on the moon safely.

The class used supplies such as; cardboard, tape, straws, cotton balls, rubber bands, and cups.

"I used a balloon on my lunar lander and was excited to see when it worked," said fifth grade student Eden Johnson.

Fellow classmate, Jasmine Hernandez, said she enjoyed the project and liked how she was able to engineer in order to create something new.

Mrs. Wills is known for her use of hands-on activities to teach her students. "I personally love active learning projects and group tasks. My students learn a lot when they have to communicate, problem solve, and work in teams. The content seems to stick with them too, and they remember these moments more than what they learn from textbooks."

To prepare her students for middle school, Mrs. Wills is planning on a few more field trips that align with other topics her class has learned during the school year. Her students also have a virtual field trip lined up with NASA to talk about missions to Mars and will have the chance to ask questions live!


Students Design Lunar Landers at Lindbergh Elementary