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Lindbergh Students Share What They Enjoy About School

Principal James Issacs gathered several students in the library to share their thoughts on the school year so far. The kids talked about their friends, books, snacks, and why they like school.

“I want to learn,” said Abner.

Abner, Kindergarten

“My favorite thing is learning math,” said Alan. “You get to fix problems.”

Alan, 1st Grade

Aviyana, Kindergarten

Aviyana also loves math. She and Alan have something else in common too; their favorite book is Pete the Cat. Dayanna’s favorite book is Pinkalicious.

“I like reading because I want to learn how to read better, and I just like to learn,” she said.

Dayanna, 2nd Grade

Addilyn enjoyed spending time with her friends Isabella, Diane, Cyrus, and Natalie.

“They are super nice to me. They play with me every single day we go outside,” she said.

Addilyn, Kindergarten

Alex said he loves to play tag with his friends at recess.

“School is fun,” he said.

Alex, 1st Grade

Julissa said she has the most fun in art class.

“I like to paint beautiful pictures. I like to paint me and my mom and my dad and my sister and my other sister and my sister and me,” she said.

Julissa, 2nd Grade

Maiya said the coolest thing she has learned this year is how the body works, but in general her favorite subject is math.

“Times is my favorite thing because I know almost all the times. I practice and practice. My mom and dad are proud of me that I’m doing good,” she said.

Maiya, 3rd Grade

When she grows up, she said she wants to take care of animals as a veterinarian.

The students spent the last four months learning and growing with the help of their awesome teachers and staff. So, of course, they wanted to show their appreciation.

“Ms. Steel is my pre-K teacher, and she is nice,” said Addilyn.

[Principal Issacs] is a really cool guy. He’s awesome,” said Miaskely.

Miaskely, 3rd Grade

“Mr. Issacs is the best,” said Davian. “Ms. Roberson lets us have snacks so she’s the best too.”

Davian, 2nd Grade

“[Ms. Roberson] helps us out,” said Kyndall.

Kyndall, 2nd Grade

“Ms. Brown [is my favorite teacher] because she lets us learn about stuff I like. I like learning about space and clouds,” said Jesse.

Jesse, Kindergarten

These kids launching their educational journey at Lindbergh and aiming for the stars. For more information about the school, click here.