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Lindbergh Elementary will provide a safe and supportive learning community where all Eagles succeed. We will LEAD through:

  • Learning Together
  • Engaging, Encouraging, and Excelling
  • Achieving Always
  • Discovering our Potential




A community of collaboration

We have a motto at Lindbergh Elementary – “WE ARE LINDBERGH.” Our school is a place where educators and students work together with our community to ignite the joy of learning. We want our curriculum to be relevant to the students, and we frequently τ€ƒ₯nd ways to give them real world experiences that spill over into other aspects of their lives. Our community garden, which provides teachers a tool to talk about the lifecycle of plants, becomes a family project as students get to take home ingredients to make their own salsa. Skills learned in math and science culminate in an end-of-year camping trip in which 6th graders get to put their knowledge into action as they make measurements to set up camp.

High academic growth

Lindbergh is a Top Ten Elementary School in Tulsa Public Schools for reading and math proficiency growth. Our teachers are committed to providing students with grade-level instruction, no matter their level. If a student seems to be falling behind, rather than adjusting the student’s daily instruction, teachers conduct a daily intervention in which the student can work to develop the specific skills needed. As a result, students feel engaged in the curriculum and challenged to meet their goals.

Language Support

Families value the opportunities to engage with Lindbergh Elementary, and we never want language to be a barrier. Bilingual staff and Culture and Community Committee ensure Spanish-speaking families feel connected through translated newsletters, emails, and letters, in addition to being on call to answer any questions.



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Lindbergh Elementary School
931 S. 89 E. Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74112

We are Lindbergh