Partnership Pledge

New Partner Information

As a designated representative of my organization, I hereby pledge our partnership to the below named school. In signing this pledge we agree to the following: We will attend an initial meeting with our principal to determine the overall scope of our program. We will communicate regularly throughout the school year with our principal in order to ensure that our resources are being maximized to meet the school’s needs. We will send a representative(s) from our organization to as many Partners in Education events as possible so that we can continue active involvement in the program. 


New Partner Organization: ________________________________________________________________________________


Organization Representative: _______________________________________________________________________________


Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________________


Phone: _______________________Fax:_______________________________Email:__________________________________


CEO/President/Chairperson: _______________________________________________________________________________


Address (if different than above):____________________________________________________________________________


Phone: _______________________Fax:_______________________________Email:__________________________________


School Information

As a principal, I will do my part to ensure the success of this partnership. I will communicate regularly with our partners, and do my best to make sure they feel welcome at my school. I will communicate my school’s needs to our partner so that their valuable resources will be used most effectively. I will send a representative(s) from my school to Partners in Education events to show my support for the program.


Partner School: Lindbergh Elementary School______________________________________________________


Principal:  ______________________________________________________________________________________________


Phone: (918) 833-8700______________________Fax:  (918) 833-8716 ____________________________________


If you are interested in becoming a Partner in Education, please submit this form to the program manager at the Tulsa Metro Chamber by fax to 918-599-6126, or by email to






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